About Us

Our award-winning, multimillion dollar company got its start from humble beginnings in Nashville as Wholesale Inc. with it’s founder, Steve Brewster.

The Start of Wholesale Express

  1. Wholesale Inc. Grows

    Wholesale Inc. grew to become much more, adding a transportation branch, Wholesale Express, LLC. The founder of both, Steve Brewster, always had an interest in transportation. Shortly before he was old enough to drive, Steve trained horses as a way to keep busy in his teen years. Not long after, he fell in love with cars.

  2. Dealership Car Trade Begins

    Steve's interest in the automotive industry grew so much that he began to locally trade cars between dealerships in the Nashville area. He would take vehicles that dealerships needed to sell, then find other dealers looking to stock those same vehicles on their lot.

  3. Car Auction Started

    This middleman method became so successful that he bought his own cars and started an auction at National Auto Auction, and Wholesale Inc. was born. As Wholesale Inc. continued to grow, the need for more efficient vehicle transportation between dealerships and auctions arose. This solution would eventually be addressed by the start Wholesale Express, LLC.

  4. National Market Expands

    Though our branches started out modestly in Nashville, both Wholesale Inc. and Wholesale Express were able to expand to a national market as the Internet rose in popularity, and we became one of the country's largest wholesale dealers.

  5. Two Retail Stores Open

    We've grown so much in fact, that in addition to running auctions, we built two retail stores in Nashville because too many vehicles sat idly between auctions. And the growth continues.

The Growth Continues

As we move thousands of cars daily between auctions, we’re always looking for ways to make our company and the car- buying industry more efficient. We offer many outside-of-the-box solutions and set trends in the industry.

Even with our tremendous success, Wholesale Express is still focused on the one philosophy that started it all: customer satisfaction. Our valued employees help fuel that ideal daily by keeping the customer’s interest its top priority, all while moving cars quickly and efficiently. Call us at (615) 392-4100 or contact us online today.

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